Pink Petals


Do You Have A Brick & Mortar Store?

No. Because we have all the tools and space needed at our home based studio to create your unique and beautiful gift, we opted to forego the traditional store front and offer you an online catalog that you can order from 24 hours a day in addition to our custom services.

Who Makes My Floral Gift?

We are a family owned and operated studio and have been in our Mississauga community for over 30 years. Mar is our lead designer who was formally trained at Floral Design Institute in Portland Oregon and tested with The American Institute Of Floral Design to receive her international designation as Certified Floral Designer. Al is our on site fabricator and helps to design and build any special and unique items needed to hold,keep and present your custom made gifts.




What Services Do You Offer?

We design custom arrangements for most any DIY events. Some of those things include but are not limited to, baby showers, weddings, office parties, banquets, bridal showers, real estate sales, home staging services, charity events, celebration of life and just about anything else you can think of

We also offer "Make & Take" workshops periodically. These workshops focus on a specific arrangement for the time of year. These workshops are also a great way to get together with friends or meet new people in your community and spend an afternoon. If you are interested in hosting a private workshop, please feel free to contact us either by email, our contact us form.

What Are Your Payment Options?

We accept credit and debit cards as well as E-Transfers for your order.




What Is Your Substitution Policy?

Occasionally substitutions of flowers and/or containers are necessary due to availability issues.
If this is the case with your gift, we will ensure that the style, theme and color scheme of your arrangement is preserved and will only substitute items with equal or higher value items.




Why Do You Offer Next Day Delivery Only?

As we work with only the freshest flowers available, we purchase only what we need every morning to ensure that your gift is as fresh as possible. Often times your gift will have many buds that are closed with only a few open blooms. This ensures that your recipient will have the joy of watching your gift bloom over the next several days. It is for this reason that we offer next day delivery.




What Is Your Delivery Charge & Cancellation Policy?

Our delivery fee is $10 which covers Mississauga. If you need delivery outside of Mississauga please contact us. 

If you need to cancel your order, please contact us asap. If you're order has already left the studio, we are unable to cancel the order and no monies will be refunded. If you ordered a package, please check the package page for it's cancellation fee.

Do You Offer Consultations? 

Yes, we feature a few types of consultations. The first is email consults, this works when schedules are hectic and it's easier to communicate through text, but you still want to have input on design and your personal flair added to the design.

We also offer phone consultations for our various packages and gifts. This usually works best for those who have a bit of time and find it easier to talk versus typing out long responses.

We can consult through our chat app on our site for all your concerns and wishes as well.

We do offer in person consults as well, however there is a charge for this service.

Is there a question that you couldn’t find an answer to? Would you like to schedule a consult?
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