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Socially Challenged?

Well never fear, you are not alone! I am a certified floral designer by trade and enjoy creating artistic arrangements for my clients that convey their personal thoughts.

Social media is still a challenge for many of us seasoned florists. A friend suggested that I start a blog! Really?? A blog?? Who in the world really wants to take time out of their day to read what I'm thinking!?! ~lol~ I'm just starting to get a decent handle on Instagram!

Now I'm told it's Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter and Blogging? When am I supposed to find the time to create your stunning floral gifts? ~lol~

But on the more serious side of things, let me outline what you can expect to find on my blog because I was told people like that kinda thing! I will do my up most best to give you hints, tips, tricks to make your floral enjoyment as long lasting as they can be. I will do my best to to laugh a lot because I am a real person who believes laughter is among some of the best medicine out there. I am sure at some point I will throw a hissy fit about something because I do that too! ~lol~ And maybe just maybe, you will find something in all my ramblings that you can connect with.

Now when will you be blessed with all my ramblings? ~rolls eyes and makes a face~ well let's see ~counts the hours in the day and snickers~ Let's start with once every couple of weeks! That way you don't get bored of my ramblings and I have time to find something to ramble on about! ~lol~

So until next tomorrow today


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