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The New Normal

What a time to be living! Over the course of my life never in a million years did I think I'd see a time where you had to line up to get into a store, or find bare empty shelves when you did get in there. A shortage of toilet paper? really? I remember seeing a roll on of our local selling sites for upwards of $30 for a single roll and looking to my husband and saying "can you believe this?"

Of course I believe we weren't the only ones who sat and wondered over the course of the last 12 weeks about how this happened and I'm sure they'll be mulling this over for years.

But in the mean time, we compared it to the only thing we could think of - the great depression. At times while waiting in lines I wondered if that's what our grandparents, parents went through. That dreaded feeling of "will there be any left when it's my turn". I've never had to worry about it when it came to basic needs, and luckily we were fairly well set as we keep a short over stock of food and basic house goods on hand for "just in case" times. I guess this was it as it turned out in a major way.

So here we are, 12 weeks later and now it's time to get on with the new normal. Wearing face masks when we're out in public, Staying 6.5 feet away from one another, and depending on where you live, groups of no more than 5 unless you live in the same house. So what's next?

I can tell you that for us, when we were told to shut down we struggled with all the same thoughts as everyone else. How are we going to pay our bills, how will we keep the business open, how will we be able reopen with NO stock! But as a very wise teacher I had in floral school said to me (and many other of her students as well) Though it's hard, this is a good time to really reflect on your business, what you liked about it, what you don't like about it and make those changes while we are shut down.

So, I took her advise to heart. (Kudo's to all the teachers at Floral Design Institute, they are the most amazing teachers) I sat down in our living room late in the evenings when it was quiet, music humming softly in the background and reflected on how we were doing things.

I made a list of the things I liked, the things I didn't like as well as the things I had always wanted to do but until this point wasn't.

I LOVE creating custom arrangements for every event. From everyday events or occasions as most others call them such as Anniversary's, Birthdays, Thank You, Thinking of You to the DIY Weddings, Funerals, Baby Showers, Family Reunions. I love it when a client calls me and says I want an arrangement for this event, with this color palette and this is what I'm willing to spend and then they let me create something that I believe will convey their message.

There is something so personal and unique about receiving a floral gift that was created just for you that doesn't look like an arrangement found on just about every floral site. So as we set to re-open on June 1st, we have changed how Mar's Flower Patch works. We are excited for these changes and can't wait to craft a unique floral gift for you!

Now every floral gift leaving our studio will be uniquely crafted for the person receiving it.

You will start by choosing your price, from there you will choose your occasion, color palette, delivery/pick up date and then we'll work our magic to create your recipient their unique floral gift. We've also moved to include small DIY Wedding and Funeral packages. These packages are created with the current state of our social distancing and limits on numbers for public gatherings. As time moves forward, we will look at adding more packages for other events but for now, we will start with these.

So, amid the ashes, we rise to re-open once again on June 1st, we are excited, anxious, and a bit nervous too. Here's to the "New Normal".....


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